Wedding Photographer in Charleston South Carolina // Adventurous Elopement Photographer

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Charleston Wedding Photographer // Wedding Photographer in Charleston SC

Ron Delhaye of Ron Delhaye Studios,
a talented Wedding Photographer
in Charleston, asked me to assist in
photographing some natural light

head-shots for him! 

He recently moved to Charleston
from Indiana, so we just HAD
to capture him in a more tropical
And not to mention, 
I love getting to photograph
downtown Charleston whenever
I can.. so, it's a win/win!!

We decided to make our way to the Battery
because the gazebo, live oaks, and
oceanside view just cannot be beat!

We always love this location for any type
of smaller session, because you can get
a ton of different looks
all in one spot!

And not to mention Rainbow Row, the
Waterfront Park and Pineapple Fountain 
are right around the corner! 

And to switch gears a little bit,
I think it's always important to take
the camera out of the bag for

more than just our paid gigs!

I think its so easy to get wrapped up in
only photographing things that we get
paid to do.. that we actually start forgetting
why we became passionate about this
in the first place!

So all in all, I'm really glad
I just had fun with this,
because they turned out
so freaking good!!


Alright.. haha,
I'm done babbling! 


The gazebo seriously makes for such an awesome backdrop! It doesn't matter if you're photographing a family, pets, couples, etc.. it's perfect!

We photographed around 5PM in the evening to make sure the sun wasn't too high in the sky!

Groom + Groomsmen.. Take notes!! Whenever I say give me a "blue steel" look..
THIS IS WHAT I MEAN!! (LOL) #justsayin

And finally I put his ass in the street so I could get some palm trees and majestic lighting
behind him! LOL.. I was a little overwhelmed shooting straight into the light, 
but it worked out amazingly! So happy!!

Colbee Lynn