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Hola Friends!

Can I tell you a little something
about hiring your wedding

And I mean this with
the most sincerity..

But guys,

to hiring the perfect wedding
photographer, than simply
finding someone who fits
into your budget.

 There are SO many factors
that fall into this equation..
but today, for your sake, I'm going
to limit myself and tell you the
top five things that I've found to be
the most important when
considering your array of options.

So.. you guys ready?!

 Here we go!

1. Photography Style

You don't have to have an art degree
to know what photography style
best suits your liking!

In a nutshell..

If you're not
"ooh'ing and ahh'ing"
when you're looking at a
photographer's portfolio..


If you're not getting emotional
while looking through
their best images..


 And most importantly, do not try to
alter their photography style
just because they fit into your
budget, and the photographer that
you actually want is "too expensive".

It can come across as
inconsiderate, and like you're
simply just bargain shopping.. 
which honestly, turns us away
from wanting to work with anyone.

Your Wedding Day is a once
in a lifetime opportunity,
and we want to work with
Bride and Grooms who
value it just as much
as we do!

We want you to love and
appreciate your photos from
your wedding day.. not
be filled with remorse
because you went with
the more "budget
friendly" option.

Just saying y'all!

Keep it simple..
keep it real..
and be respectful! 


2. Personality

I cannot even stress this enough.
You HAVE to like your photographer on
a personal level, or you are going to not
be a very happy camper come
your Wedding Day!

Do you know how long the average
Bride books their photographer
for on their Wedding Day?


Could you handle being in the same
proximity for that long with someone that
you clash personalities with? And on top
of that, this person is taking pictures of you
all day! I don't know about you, but I can't see
myself  wanting to be around someone I didn't
like on one of the most IMPORTANT days
of my life..  but maybe thats just me?



3. Equipment

If you are having a darker ceremony & reception..
its important to know what kind of equipment
your wedding photographer BASICALLY works with.

By saying that, I mean that maybe a
photographer that you've spoken with
is offering you an amazing deal on a
Wedding Package and it sounds great in the
beginning! But then.. you find out that
photographer's pricing is low because they are
still building  their knowledge and/or proper
lighting equipment for those situations.

Don't risk it!

These moments are
too important to have
them potentially not

Also, another thing to consider is that
you might want certain lighting effects
in your photographs, so it's important to book
a photographer who knows how to pull it off.

And remember.. just because a photographer
doesn't have what you need, it doesn't make them
inept or incapable.. it just might make them
not the right photographer for you!


4. Communication

So.. this is one of the easier things to analyze,
but one of my biggest factors in deciding who I
want to work with is their communication skills.

I don't personally believe that everyone
has to be plugged into technology
every moment of their lives!

But, staying in tune with clients
is something that I take very seriously.

Your time is precious, and should be
treated as such. So, make sure the
photographer you hire is working
off the same wavelength as you.
Know your needs, and go
with what feels right!


5. Price

We all have a budget, which is so
important because it gives us a
baseline for what we feel
comfortable in spending! In
saying that, just remember
that everything is flexible in life.. 
including budgets! And if we're
really getting crafty.. you'd be
surprised how you can save in
other areas of your wedding,
so that you can invest in the
best photography you deserve!

Best honestly love..
after everything is said and
done, the only tangible thing
you've got after the wedding
are the photos and video!

(unless you're like me and
 hang dry the flowers.. lol)

So make sure you
have a reasonable
budget, and be
flexible in
your requests!

It'll all work
out in the end

So there you have it..
you've got my best advice!

Now you're definitely well on
your way  to making more informed
decisions when it comes to choosing
your Wedding Photographer
for your big day! 

So choose wisely,
and choose fiercely!!