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Lauren's little family is
growing and I couldn't
have been more excited
to make a trip to Virginia
to document this special
time in their lives

Our initial plan was to
meet up at this location
closer to the other side of
Lynchburg, but as I was driving
into town, Lauren gave me a ring
and told me there raining coming
at pretty much a 100 percent chance!

As some of you know,
I always love a good challenge,
so I told her that I would just meet
her at her home, and we would play
everything by ear from there! And let
me tell you.. that decision turned out
to be for the absolute best!

I don't think that Lauren and
her family knew how ADORABLE
of a home they had built, but as soon
as I got there, my heart was set on
doing the photoshoot RIGHT THERE
in their front yard. I love that I've trained
myself to see the beauty in everything,
because it allows me to photograph in
the "not thought of places" and truly
bring life to them again! It's an
amazing transformation to watch
in my opinion! :-)

But any who, the rain honestly
ended up stopping long enough
for us to get some really sweet photos
of them in front of the house.. and
lo' and behold.. they had a HUGE FIELD
right behind their home.. which was
the initial look we were going for!!! 

Isn't is amazing how
life works out sometimes?

I'm so thankful to have been
the photographer to capture
this time in their lives. 


These moments are
fleeting and I feel so
honored to supply
a way to hold onto
them for just a
little bit longer.

So thankful..

Enjoy y'all!!

I hadn't photographed a Maternity Session in a while, so playing around with different poses was a ton of fun for me!

Since we were fighting the rain, we quickly wrapped up in front of their home, and headed to the field in the back yard! Talk about a blessing!

This field was seriously perfect! I loved the overgrown grass, and luscious greenery! The mountains of Virginia will seriously always have my heart! It's why it's home!

I wish this family all the best as they get
closer to welcoming Lawson into this world!

So excited to watch your family grow!! :-)

colbee lynn


Makeup // Megan Wilkes
Location // Forest, VA