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Congratulations to Isabella + Conner on their intimate Aviary wedding this past weekend! Isabella started the day getting ready with her wonderful bridesmaids at her fathers home in Lynchburg VA. I've never seen a bride remain so calm on her wedding day.. and not to mention she was doing her Bridesmaid's makeup + hair! Lets just say she's truly a jack of all trades!! (lol) From Isabella's gorgeous diamond + turquoise heels, to her vintage wedding dress.. Isabella was an absolute princess! Not to mention Conner was a very dashing Groom himself! The palette they chose for their wedding were blue, purple + greens! Isabella (and her whole family) have impeccable taste!  Not to mention her family did all of the decorating for the ceremony + reception! Genius!! And what got me the most about this wedding was their back story! Conner moved to Lynchburg from California (unwillingly) when he was a teenager.. and because one of his teachers invited him to band practice randomly, he met the love of his life, Isabella.. <3 When I listened to these two during their vows (Conner sang to Isabella during his) I absolutely balled like a baby! (even the bridesmaids saw me.. lol!) I've never seen a man be so vulnerable in front of so many people for his bride.. and it was a moment I'll never forget. I think it's absolutely safe to say that Conner set a new standard for me!

Thank you both so much and I hope you enjoy your peak!! <3


Can we just take a second for this stunner who did her OWN MAKEUP AND HAIR on her wedding day?! I seriously have the most gorgeous + determined brides! I don't know how I got so lucky to meet such genuinely beautiful people.

Isabella has so many people that love her so much! You can tell through all of their photos how much love filled the room the entire day!

And now here comes our gorgeous Bride with her Mother and Father
escorting her down the aisle!

Can this wedding dress + veil get an AMEN YALL?! It's so freaking pretty I can barely stand it!!! 

And then Conner started to make everyone cry like a baby! I've never seen such a sweet ceremony in my life.. <3

He even had Momma crying!

Yay! Now they're married and we're off to do family + bridal party portraits! The light was absolutely phenomenal at Miller Park! So much luscious greenery!

Wow! I don't know if a family gets much prettier than that! But then again.. then bridal party was pretty amazing to photograph too ;-) So much personality to document! (lolll)

And then there were just these two! I don't know if Bride + Grooms truly realize how little alone time they'll actually get with one another one their wedding day! It almost makes me want to consider scheduling it into my own wedding day! (lol)

And then to end the evening with some great eats, dancing, toasts and simply enjoying one another's company! These people have truly stolen my heart and I'm so thankful to have been their wedding photographer!

This guys toast was hilarious! It was short, simple + totally unique to say the least! :-P

Thank you so much for having me! I can't tell you much many happy tears your wedding has brought me. 

Love you all!

Colbee Lynn

Photography by Colbee Lynn Photography + Ron Delhaye Studios