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Happy New Years Everyone!!

And, welcome to COLBEELYNN.COM


I cannot begin to explain the excitement I hold for 2016..  

As many of my followers know, this is the year I chose to
rebrand my business, and take it a step further.

I felt like I was missing out on some serious opportunities.. and I just had to take action!

I went back and forth so many times on whether this change
was right for me. But in the end, I knew it was
weighing on me for good reason.

It feels so good to go with your heart and soul!

And even though I feel 100% comfortable in this decision to change my overall business,
I decided I should at least give some insight on why I chose to take this path.

Reason #1: Identity Crisis
In all honesty..
 as I'm growing into the creative entrepreneur I set out to be,
my vision continues to change immensely over time.
I continue to find different styles in photography that appeal to me..
I continue to connect with the deeper, more sultry side of life.
And while this may seem silly to some..
using my childhood nickname
as my business name
my visions growth and potential.
I became seriously insecure about diving into more
"passionate" forms of art.
It felt wrong to mix my childhood identity
with my evolving, more mature idea of love and life.
I think that was my biggest reason.. 
I want to keep the innocence of 'Cottontop' alive!

Reason #2: Confidence
When I first started my photography business
in September of 2014, I was very insecure
and unsure of my potential for success here in Charleston.
I had just moved here in 2013, and barely knew anyone outside
of the miscellaneous jobs I worked during my first year.

I was so scared of associating failure with my name.
I didn't have the courage to put my authentic brand out there
because I was afraid of rejection.. how could I possibly
handle someone not liking my style in such a fragile
state of mind?

So.. I decided to hide behind what felt safe.
Not saying that Cottontop isn't a perfectly good name..
but its not the mark I want to make on the world.

If I failed under the name Cottontop.. I guess that seemed a little less,
daunting? (lol) Sounds silly to me now..
but all I can do is be thankful that I'm
learning and identifying my weak points
early on in the game!

But now.. I just genuinely want my work
to be associated with
the current version of Colbee..
you know, the ever-changing one! (lol)

Reason #3: Growth
I never want to become an artist who believes they have no
room for growth in their business.
I never want to feel like I've got it all figured out.. 
because believe me when I say, I truly don't!
But thats the beauty in life.. don't yah think?
Figuring it out along the way;
relishing in the knowledge you continue to obtain.
is my chance to share with the world
what I continue to learn.. 
how I continue to grow in my business.

This is my way of showing what
can give to the world.

It's my way of showing
my clients, friends & family
who I truly am at the core of my being.

I can't wait to take on this journey with all of my followers!

Thank you for always being there..
for always reading my posts.

Cheers to a New Year!