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Hola Everyone!

I find myself wanting to explain the process of how
EVERY client looking for their Wedding Photographer
should go about making their final decision..

Its more than just fitting a photographer into your budget.
There are a number of factors that affect who
is the perfect Wedding Photographer for you..
But today, I'm going to limit myself
to the top five I've found most important.

So, here we go:


1. Photography Style

You don't have to have an art degree to know
what photography style best suits your liking.
If you love light and airy.. a photographer who
loves overexposed images is your go-to.
If you love dark and moody.. a photographer who
loves underexposed images is your go-to.
If you're not "ooh'ing and ahh'ing" when
you're looking at a photographer's portfolio..

And don't try to alter their style just because
they may happen to fall into your budget!
No matter how much you communicate,
the way they shoot.. is they way they shoot.

I seriously doubt they'll be changing their whole blueprint
to suit the needs of one Wedding! (just sayin, lol)

2. Personality

I cannot even stress this enough.
You have to like your photographer on
a personal level, or you are going to not
be a very happy camper come your Wedding Day!

Do you know how long the average client books their
photographer for on their Wedding Day?


Could you handle being in the same proximity for that long
with someone that you clash personalities with?
And on top of that, this person is taking pictures
of you all day.. lol! I don't know about you,
but I can't see myself wanting to be around
someone I didn't like on one of the most
IMPORTANT days of my life.. 
but maybe thats just me?


3. Equipment

If you are having a darker ceremony & reception..
its important to know what kind of equipment your
wedding photographer BASICALLY works with.

By saying that, I mean that maybe your potential
photographer is offering you an amazing deal on a
Wedding Package and it sounds great in the beginning!
But then maybe that photographers pricing is low because they
are still building the proper equipment setup for low-light situations. 

Another thing to consider is that
you might want certain lighting effects in your photography
so it's important to book a photographer who knows how to pull it off!

Just because a photographer doesn't have what you need,
this doesn't make anybody inept, or incapable..
it just might make them not the right photographer
for your Wedding.

4. Communication

So.. this is one of the easier things to analyze,
but one of my biggest factors in deciding who I
want to work with is their communication skills.

I'm all about a free flowing conversation..
any not feeling like I have to pull teeth
to get an answer!

Point being is that when you inquire
on someones services and they don't respond
for days at a time.. take note of it.
The way a business handles a client before they
make a transaction really sets the tone
for how the relationship will be long-term.

People love feeling connected and important..
don't forget that!

5. Price

I hate price-point shopping, but I understand
everyone has an ideal budget for their Wedding Day!
My solid advice is that we value what we love,
and if you don't find the photographer that blows
you away in your current price range..
bump it up a bit, and see what you find then!

Don't settle for less.. the photography
is LITERALLY the only tangible
thing you will take from your Wedding Day.



So there you have it!
Now you're on your way to making
more informed decisions when it comes
to choosing your Wedding Photographer. 

Choose Wisely!!