Wedding Photographer in Charleston South Carolina // Adventurous Elopement Photographer

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Caroline + Chad were married
on March 26th at the
Magnolia Plantation here
in Charleston SC. 


As we were getting ready for the first look,
it started to rain, and didn't seem to be
letting up anytime soon!
It was to my surprise that both
the Bride + Groom remained extremely calm,
and ultimately.. they didn't care if they saw
each other in a sand storm.. they were just
ready to lay eyes on one another!

They were ready to weather the storm
no matter what.. 

How freaking sweet?! 
*cue heart swelling!!*

Oh.. and if it doesn't get any better,
I seriously have the best Brides in
the world! Caroline thought to come prepared with the
cutest umbrellas JUST IN CASE it rained! 

I just can't tell you how perfect these umbrellas were
for their special day.. and not to mention
how cute they really are!

From the blooming Azaleas, to the hanging Spanish moss,
Caroline + Chad's first look was nothing
short of whimsical and genuine..

I'm so happy to have been the photographer
to capture such an enticing love!

Enjoy Everyone!


- Colbee