How To Make Money Doing What You Love

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Are you ready To
Quit Your Day-Job?

Colbee Leonard + Ron Delhaye
have created a simple Six-Step Guide
to help you find your passion + inner drive.

From living in poverty, to achieving the life
of our dreams.. we want to share our
secrets with you all!

What Can This
eBook Do For Me?

  • Identify what in life that truly makes you happy

  • Build your self-worth and awareness

  • Give you the courage to take a leap into the unknown

  • Find the inner entrepreneur + creative thats dying to come out

  • Figure out how you want to help your community

  • Gives you a whole new perspective on how to make a living 

Meet The Authors!


Colbee is an International Wedding Photographer and Mentor based in Charleston, SC. She loves connecting with people, breaking them open and helping them find their truest calling in life! Colbee is originally from Rustburg, VA and attended Radford University before she decided to leave it all behind and head down South to pursue a career in Wedding Photography! Colbee has always been driven to help others pursue their passions, find what makes them fulfilled and live as authentically as possible


Ron is a International Wedding Photographer and Educator in Charleston, SC. He loves capturing the beauty of life and love through a camera, traveling to breathtaking new places on the map, and all things action and adventure! Ron is motivated deeply by helping people realize their higher potential and becoming their higher self. Originally from Chicago, Ron grew up an artist and a dreamer and graduated in 2012 from Purdue University with a BS in Computer Graphics Technology / Animation. 

So.. Are You Ready For Change?

Click Below to Start Living
Your Life, TODAY!


But Wait.. There's More!

Mind-Mapping Exercise

Do you have a specific want or desire?
How about a goal that you want to reach, or lifestyle you want to achieve?
Mind-Mapping is a great way to see how achievable a goal really is.
It breaks down the impossibilities by seeing your goals and actions laid out in front of you!

Download our Mind Mapping Worksheet today to keep you focused
on your project and help you reach your goals! It's FREE and IT WORKS!