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Episode 001: Top Five Reasons to Have a Winter Wedding

The most adorable Mr. and Mrs. wedding glasses with a side of Kentucky bourbon! Perfect addition to any winter wedding in the south!

The most adorable Mr. and Mrs. wedding glasses with a side of Kentucky bourbon! Perfect addition to any winter wedding in the south!

Anybody else starting to get the winter blues?

Well.. let me help yah by putting a very
positive spin on these colder months ahead!

You're probably thinking..

Well, let me explain: I'm kickstarting
my podcast today by explaining
the top five reasons why I think
you should have a winter wedding.

That's right - I said it!

Y'all must think I'm crazy..
but I promise it'll make a lot
more sense once you listen.

But to cap on some highlights
here's a run down of what
I'll be talking about..

#1 Off Season Rates

Many wedding venues in Charleston offer
off season rates to couples to encourage
weddings all throughout the year. Business is
better when the weekends are fully booked -
and most wedding venues will compensate for
 colder months by discounting their rates.
I've even seen some as high as 50% off!


#2 - Long Sleeves + Faux Fur Coats!

If you're like me and live on the coast,
where majority of the time its blazing hot,
you start to become super grateful for
cooler days/months! I absolutely love the
look of a long sleeve wedding dress +
bridesmaid dress, but there is no
way you can get away with that
during the summer heat!
But during the winter?
You're gold baby!!


#3 - Hot Cocoa + Coffee Stations

What better way to have your guest
stay warm and get to know one
another than to offer hot cocoa
and coffee stations! It's kind of like
the water-cooler theory for an office,
but apply it to a wedding reception!
Plus.. theres photographers like myself
that could really use a cup of joe after
being on their feet all day! (lol)
Just sayin' y'all!!


#4 - Warm Color Palettes

If you're anything like me, then
you tend to enjoy more earthy
color tones and palettes!
I've come to find that if you
want darker colors for your
floral arrangements.. those
flowers are actually more
accesible during the fall/winter
seasons! This rule of thumb has
actually helped me immensely
when coordinating my own
styled shoots for marketing!
Timing is everything, guys!


#5 - Golden Hour/Sunset Portraits

Now don't get me wrong..
the golden hour is amazing
during any time of year for
sunset portraits! But there's
something more enriching,
captivating + intimate about
a winter sunset. I'm really not
sure why I feel this way, but
maybe its the mixture of the,
sunset and my Bride + Groom
cuddling to stay warm.. but I
find something so incredibly
romantic about a winter sunset!

So.. there you have if folks,
in all of its glory! If you have
time to listen to the podcast,
I know you'll get even value
out of this post!

Let us know in the comments
below why you love
 winter weddings!!