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Wedding Photographer in Charleston SC

Elopements + Weddings

We have been specializing in photographing Weddings and Elopements in Charleston since 2014 and have loved every second! We have traveled to  Weddings in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia + Illinois to photograph couples with all different backgrounds! Elopements are accepted during the weekdays, and larger Weddings on weekends. Couples on average spend $1000 for Elopements and $$4,200 for Weddings. 

Wedding Photographer in Charleston SC

Engagement Session

Booking an engagement session is an amazing way to get more comfortable in front of the lens before your wedding day! Engagement Sessions can last anywhere from thirty minutes, to two hours depending on your desired amount of locations and outfit choices. Every Engagement Session is unique, and we strive to document every couple's love story customized to their own personalities. Couples on average spend $350 for Engagement Sessions.


Bridal Session

Bridal Sessions are great for several different reasons! The most important reason is that you get to get the majority of your Bridal Portraits done before the wedding day! This helps take off the pressure on a day where you want to be in the moment as much as possible. If you want a variety of different backgrounds for your Bridal Portraits, then scheduling them beforehand is even more important! Another reason is that this gives you an opportunity to have your favorite photo printed on a canvas and displayed at your Wedding Reception! Brides on average spend $350 for Bridal Sessions!

Wedding Photographer in Charleston SC

Boudoir Session

Boudoir Photography is one of our favorite creative outlets outside of  Weddings and Elopements! We're incredibly drawn to the vulnerability that comes with the boudoir experience, and feel that everyone grows in some way from it! We photograph boudoir sessions in-studio, but do not supply lingerie pieces or accessories. If you'd like a location outside of our studio, admission and travel fees may apply. Boudoir sessions last between one to two hours depending on location and wardrobe selection. Clients on average spend $350 for Boudoir Sessions.