Who is Colbee Lynn?

Hello Love!

I'm Colbee  +  I'm an
International Wedding
based in Charleston, SC!

I LOVE traveling the world,
and ESPECIALLY for beautiful
Destination Weddings!

I'm from a tiny town in the middle-of-nowhere Virginia,
but rest assured that never stopped me
from dreaming my big dreams..

I moved to Charleston in 2013
with my car packed TO. THE. BRIM.
and then started practicing photography in 2014
out of mere curiosity! Little did I know just
how much I would come to love
this new hobby of mine.. <3

I became a Wedding Photographer because
I literally became obsessed with love.
I became captivated in capturing these fleeting
moments of intimacy shared between two loved ones.


And, get this..

and Videography, are,
in my opinion,
the only true tangible pieces of
evidence that a moment
really ever even existed at all!


How crazy is that?!


That's why there's so much value in
this industry, and exactly why being a
Wedding Photographer is such
a huge blessing to me.

But, I'll wrap up this bad boy by saying this:
I'm SO happy you decided to stop by, and I can't
wait to get to know you and your beautiful story!

Send me a message to schedule your next session
by clicking the 'message me' button below. <3