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From Lisa's German Heritage, to Carters Southern Charm,
these two are a match made in heaven!
I've never felt such an immense and genuine connection
between two individuals before, and I truly believe certain
people are placed in our lives to teach us lessons and mold our beliefs.

These two have been apart (in different states) for most of their relationship
and yet they still remain to be one of the closest couples ever.

Love knows no distance..
Love has no restraints.

When you love someone like Carter + Lisa
love each other.. the will of their bond just cannot be broken.

From start to finish.. I felt absolutely blessed to share
one of the most important days of both of their lives
amongst them and their wonderful families.

I feel like I walked away from this day
with so many special memories and moments
with people I never would have met otherwise.

Bless you, Carter + Lisa!

You're an amazing couple, who's kindness I will cherish forever!