Colbee Lynn's Blog


When photographing other creatives
it's a constant learning experience..

Just when you think you're blocked creatively speaking,
you surprise yourself by creating stunning images
like the ones you'll see below!

Honestly, just by stepping it up a notch, I really paid attention
to the detail in which Casey's body expressed itself.

I wanted to create more soulful photographs than
what my typical "portrait session" would usually allot..
because thats what truly makes my heart flutter.

I love implementing new shooting techniques when
capturing a fresh and unique portrait for my client.

I might be the first to admit this, but it's always
nerve racking photographing another creative
because you totally feel like you have to up your game!

Luckily.. something good always comes out of
pushing our limits, and seeing what we're
ultimately capable of doing. :-)

I always feel silly for getting nervous,
but I guess there will always be that innate fear
of letting our clients down. So I'm learning that's when
we have to take a step back, look at the talents we've been given,
and learn to respect and preserve them in the best way we know how!

As creatives we should constantly be striving
to do and be better, while at the same time respecting
where we are in our creative journey today..

But anyways.. I'll stop ramblin' to you guys (lol)

Its starting to get a little late anyways..

Y'all enjoy these ravishing images I got to
capture of Casey while I was in Lynchburg the other week!


- Colbee